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When drafting contracts, the risk of disputes in business life can be reduced, but not completely excluded. A strategic and well-founded approach is indispensable in controversial scenarios.

With the help of our expertise in commercial law and our strategic thinking and working methods, we efficiently represent the interests of our clients in disputes. Our advice starts with the assessment of the prospects of success and the preservation of evidence before proceedings, includes settlement negotiations and proceedings before state courts and arbitration tribunals and terminates with the effective enforcement of court decisions.

In the field of corporate litigation, we represent our clients both in court and out of court, in particular in proceedings relating to challenge of shareholder resolutions and proceedings before the committee examining the adequacy of cash compensations offered in the course of a squeeze out or reorganisations,. We also represent our clients in proceedings for the assertion of shareholder rights, such as information and inspection rights.

Especially in the field of labour law, court proceedings are often unavoidable. The lawyers at KPMG Law represent you before labour and social courts, both in the area of individual and collective labour law.

In the event of an insolvency, we assist creditors in the judicial assertion of their claims, from the filing of the claim to the action for examination and in the defence against unjustified rescission claims by the insolvency administrator.



Main Focus of Activity

  • Contract interpretation
  • Evaluation of prospects of success
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Representation before courts and arbitration tribunals
  • Enforcement of judicial decisions

Fields of Law

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