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The employment contract must reflect a wide variety of company interests, depending on the employee’s function and the sector-specific circumstances. In addition to collective bargaining agreements and shop agreements, company- and group-wide guidelines also play a key role in shaping day-to-day work. Uniform standards are often in conflict with the requirements of national law. In addition, it must also be ensured that attractive and transparent conditions can be offered in an increasingly competitive employer environment. We offer you our years of experience in connection with drafting of agreements and guidelines as well as local implementations.


Main Focus of Activity

  • Management contracts for managing directors
  • Bonus and commission agreements
  • Protection against (post-contractual) competition
  • Flexible working time arrangements
  • Company policies
  • Drafting and negotiation of shop agreements
  • Occupational pension schemes: Analysis and advice regarding changes to or discontinuation of pension commitments
  • Risk analysis and risk minimization for freelancers and contract workers

Labour Law

The world of work is influenced by national and European law every day - we assist you in facing the new challenges.