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The legally secure and resource-efficient procurement poses growing challenges for both the contractor and bidders. Against this background, KPMG Law assists contracting authorities in efficient and solution-oriented implementation of procurement projects. Based on our years of experience, we answer not only your complex questions in the field of public procurement law, but also work with you on innovative and pragmatic solutions to achieve your procurement success.

Our legal advice is characterized in particular by our close cooperation with KPMG experts who also specialize in public procurement projects. This enables us to provide you with a comprehensive range of coordinated advice, helping your procurement projects succeed and minimizing frictional losses.

On the other hand, KPMG Law assists clients as bidders in their successful participation in procurement procedures. Thanks to our vast experience, we protect you from the various pitfalls in procurement procedures – from public notice to post-award contract amendments. KPMG Law also advises and represents you in award review proceedings, when time shortage requires the efficiency and experience we bring to the table.


Main Focus of Activity

  • Assessment of obligation to invite tenders
  • Conception of public procurement procedures, preparation and optimisation of tender documents
  • Handling of procurement procedures and negotiations
  • Procurement projects
  • Review of tender documents for bidders and assistance in procurement procedures
  • Representation of contractors and bidders in tender review proceedings
  • Seminars, working and training courses on procurement law

Fields of Law

Tailor-made, comprehensive, solution-oriented