Due to digitization the number of processed data records and data volumes are constantly increasing. The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has significantly tightened data protection regulations and, in particular, sanctions for non-compliance. Companies are subject to comprehensive information and documentation obligations and have to introduce suitable processes to comply with the rights of data subjects. We assist you in developing and implementing an efficient data protection management system. We can help you identify, document processing activities and check their lawfulness. We prepare the necessary data protection documents for you (consent forms, data protection declarations/information for the data subjects) and – if necessary – carry out data protection impact assessments.


Main Focus of Activity

  • Analysis and optimization of data protection management
  • Data protection compliance
  • Data protection in connection with company transactions
  • Expert opinions on data protection issues
  • Representation before courts and authorities
  • External Data Protection Officer
  • Privacy statements
  • Consent declarations, data protection guidelines, confidentiality declarations, shop agreements
  • Data protection strategies for outsourcing, IT and cloud computing projects
  • Data transfer
  • Advice on social media applications and the drafting of relevant data protection guidelines as part of the development and design of apps and other mobile services
  • Implementation of a process for data protection incidents
  • Training courses, data protection workshops and training courses on data protection law
  • Cyber security
  • Establishment and operation of whistle blowing hotlines

IT and Data Protection

Innovation and technological progress also entail a number of legal challenges. We assist you with these challenges.