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Ahead of the Curve – We advise legal departments on digital transformation.

Increasing regulatory requirements, galloping technical progress and ever-increasing cost pressure: modern legal departments are facing a variety of (complex) challenges. As a result, efficiency optimisation becomes increasingly important also in the field of law. Additional challenges await heads of legal departments. KPMG Law assists you in developing and implementing future-oriented processes and organizational structures alongside your day-to-day business operations.


Main Focus of Activity

We render holistic advice to legal departments in connection with the optimization of their processes and organizational structure. In close cooperation with our colleagues, we examine the status quo and identify potential for improvement and increases in efficiency. Subsequently, we advise you on both economic and legal aspects and work with you to develop tailor-made solutions for your individual requirements – from concept to implementation.

Go digital. Many repetitive, traditionally analogue processes can be made more efficient through digital solutions. For example, the creation of digital contract templates or the implementation of contract management systems can save and automate working hours. For more demanding tasks, the outsourcing of time-consuming tasks to specialists in a “LegalasaService” programme is often an option. In addition, we assist you in the introduction of new systems (keyword Legal Tech).

Big Data meets Law. Together with the experts of KPMG Advisory, we analyse your company data, develop data-driven answers to your questions and assist you in the operational and legal implementation, especially of company-specific compliance solutions.

Our solutions combine the expertise of legal advisors who understand your legal problems with the experience of project managers and consultants to implement the solutions unerringly. We are always committed to one goal: to put the members of your legal department in a position to concentrate as efficiently as possible on the essentials – to master the complex and specific legal challenges of your company.

Fields of Law

Tailor-made, comprehensive, solution-oriented